What is Bubble Tea?

Original Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea is the name used to describe a variety of fruit and milk teas with a key ingredient, chewy tapioca balls (the bubbles). Each Bubble Tea comes with an extra wide straw so that as you drink the tea you also suck up the soft chewy bubbles. Sounds bizarre right? Believe us, your first Bubble Tea is certainly a memorable experience.

Bubble Tea was first created in Taiwan over 20 years ago. It's popularity spread quickly across the whole of Asia and then on to the rest of the world.

Original Bubble Tea

The original Bubble Tea was a sweetened black tea with milk, but now you can get your Bubble Tea in wide variety of fruit flavours and with a range of extra toppings. At Bubble Cha we will make your Bubble Tea fresh to order and then seal the cup, so that you can drink it right away in our café or take it away with you to enjoy later.

We hope you found this informative. Why not take a look at our drinks menu, and start planning your perfect Bubble Tea?